Currently I am working on a documentary about autism, We All Have Autism, and a documentary series on screenwriting, Secret Life of the Screenwriter, in conjunction with Harvey Taft Productions.

I am also developing two feature films, Love Crazy, and Coincidence. for an Australian and a UK producer.

We All Have Autism follows the story of Aaron who was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. I made a program Autism – The Early Signs in 1989, and followed it up in 2004 with a second program, Autism – The Teen Years. The current documentary tells how Aaron has progressed over the years with the support of his family, parents Paula and Clyde, and brothers Aiden and Levi. The family relocated from Melbourne to London in 2010, and part of the story is how they help Aaron with the assistance of local government funding.

Secret Life of the Screenwriter is a six part series focussing on a number of Australia’s most prominent screenwriters, including Jan Sardi, the President of the Australian Writers Guild and writer of Shine, for which he was awarded an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Jan also wrote The Notebook, Love’s Brother (which he also directed) and Mao’s Last Dancer.

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